Best Student Presenter in Computing Event

The “Computer Science and Engineering” departments held the one-day event, on Tuesday 29th November 2022, in the area of “Information Technology and Application” at Komar University of Science and Technology (KUST). The departments collaborated with the Computer Department of the American University of Sulaimani (AUIS) to invite students from both universities to present and share their interests research area. 4 presenters from KUST and 3 presenters from AUIS present their research.

The event started with the opening ceremony and welcoming guests. Then, the students of the British International School of Sulaymaniyah (BIS) made a presentation about Egypt’s History. The first Presentation was made by Sara Baian Abdulh (KUST) under the title of “Red Tacton”. “Golang” was the second presentation by Mohammed Anwer (KUST). The third presentation, “3D printing” was presented by Ghada Laith Qasim (AUIS). Hema Omer Aziz (KUST) talked about using the combination of nanotechnology and AI to detect and cure cancer.

The event continued after the break time with the fifth presentation by Mousa Ghassan Rajab (AUIS) about “Robots and Emotion”. Zhyar Aso Fayaq (KUST) talked about “Metaverse and its applications”. Finally, Aland Aso Omer (AUIS) talked about the application of AI in detecting and treating cancer. After all seven presentations, certificates were given to the presenters.

The seven presentations were evaluated by 3 judges from KUST, AUIS, and UoS. The best presenter award was given to Zhyar Aso Fayaq (KUST) for “Metaverse and its applications”. Second place was given to Ghada Laith Qasim (AUIS) for “3D printing”. Sara Baian Abdulh (KUST) received third place in the best presenter competition for the title of “Red Tacton”. The event ended with the closing ceremony.