Seminar: e-Government Implementation Barriers in Kurdistan

Mr Hemin Ibrahim held a seminar on “e-Government Implementation Barriers in Kurdistan” on Wednesday, April 26th, 2017, in the Auditorium Hall of Engineering Building.
He started by an introduction on Government and the benefits of applying e-Government in Kurdistan. He explained that e-government is more about the government not about the electronic part.
The seminar showed all main steps that KRG implemented to establish e-government in Kurdistan and all barriers that affect e-government in Kurdistan. In addition, Mr Hemin showed some data that helped students, faculties, and guests in the seminar to know why we still cannot implement e-government in Kurdistan. However, he covered some examples from developing countries that they implement e-gov in their country.
In the end of the seminar, some attendees asked about some new KRG projects such as Biometrics and Sulaimani court e-system, and how it will be a part of implementing e-government in Kurdistan. Mr Hemin responded all questions and explained that by having new technology, good leadership in IT, we can have a good step for implementing e-Government in KRG.