A Faculty Member in Computer Engineering Department, Dr. Hothefa Jassim, Published New Paper

Dr. hothefa Sh. Jassim is Acting Chairman of Computer Engineering Department, College of Engineering. He has recently co-authored and published a paper in journal of Communications and Network which one of ISI index journal with impact factor. The title of the paper is “Comparative study of Proactive, Reactive and Geographical MANET Routing Protocols”. This research is a review of current proactive, Reactive and Geographical routing protocols use in mobile ad-hoc networks. In this paper we compare the performance of OLSR, AODV and GPSR routing protocols, each representing the proactive, reactive and geographical routing protocols respectively. The performance evaluation is done using simulation and the focus is to evaluate their performance with respect to network size and density. In this study the performance is measured in terms of Throughput, Average End-to-End (E2E), Packets Delivery Fraction (PDF) and Normalized Routing Load (NRL).

If you are interested to read more it is also available:

Communications and Network, 2015, 7, 125-137

Published Online May 2015 in SciRes.