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Second Departmental Meeting (Fall 2023)

On Wednesday, October 11, 2023, the Computer Engineering Department at Komar University of Science and Technology held its second departmental meeting.

During the meeting, various topics were discussed, including updates on the items which were discussed in the first meeting.

The chairperson, Dr. Fryad Khalid, emphasized to all faculty members the importance of uploading materials and assessments to Google Classroom. In case of any delays, it is advisable to consolidate the lectures within the upcoming two weeks leading up to week #7.

Dr. Dilan Faraidoon was also present as the supervisor of Math-related courses at the university to discuss math courses and enrich the curriculum to help our students to be more successful in all other courses that math-related courses are based on. After getting acceptance from Presedent permiision. They disscusded how we impiment it with new students.

In addition, the chairperson, Dr. Fryad Khalid reminded all the faculty members to send the grades of assessments that were conducted up to week#5 as per the QA requirement.

The next departmental meeting is scheduled to take place in four weeks, and attendees are encouraged to continue engaging in discussions and sharing their ideas to help make the department a success.