A Workshop on Histology and the Role of Image processing and Analysis in Histopathological Researches

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On Thursday 22nd November 2018, a workshop was conducted under the title of “Histology and the Role of Image processing and Analysis in Histopathological Researches”. The workshop was organized by Dr Osman Sharif, Chairman of Computer Engineering and Computer Science Departments.
Two histopathology expertise, namely Dr Snoor Jalal and Dr Goran Mohamad Raouf, from the University of Sulaimani were invited to the workshop to present their recent research activities.
The workshop included the following speeches:
1. Tissue processing in Histology
Presented by: Dr. Snoor Jalal Mustafa
M.B.Ch.B., M.Sc. Histology, Ph.D Embryology,
2. Histological Image Processing and Analysis
Presented by: Dr. Osman Sharif Osman
PhD in Computer Science, and,
3. Validation of digital slide scanner in surgical pathology
Presented by: Dr. Goran Mohamad Raouf
The main objectives of the workshop were to share information between scientists of both KUST and the University of Sulaimani, and also to create a research environment to improve the research in the area of the Biomedical Computational Technique development, Bioimaging and Automated Histopathology Analysis.

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