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Computer Engineering Department participated in University day 2017

On Saturday, April 22nd, 2017, Komar University of Science and Technology, held its annual University Day 2017 to present the academic and social projects, and activities of its students.
Many people from different cities, high school students and students’ family members were among the attendees of the celebration.
 Scientific projects of Computer Engineering
No. Name of Projects Name of Student Description of the project
Mohamad Ismail
By using simple tools getitng very far WIFI signals
Wlyan Kmaran
2 Lucky Game Rawezh Yasen ahma Creating a (lucky and unlucky) game by Java code
Caesar cipher text
Encrypting and decrypting text by Java using Caesar
4 Alumni Website Ara Azad The website for KUST Alumni Students
5 Java Game Baban Bakir Using Java GUI for a finding a Random Number
Keyword recognition
Kani HamaFaraj
Keyword recognition from text file by Using Java
7 Face Recognition Vanaz Face recognition by using MatLab
Traffic Light
Nur Mahdi
Using Kits and C code for creating traffic light
Online test Vania Kamal
Creating a test by retrieving data from txt file
Multiple test Revin
Movie theater application
kozhir sabir
By using java and database creating a system for movie tickets
ahmed hussain
11 Traffic Light System Roza Mohammed By Java Code will produce Traffic light System
Formatting text files
Khalid Omar
By Using java code will format Text automatically
13 Image in mat lab Hema Salah Hiding image in another image by MatLab (steganography)
14 Traffic light by Logic Brayar Mustafa Mechanical traffic light without using code
15 Scientific Calculator Ahmed Mahmood Special Calculator by using Java GUI

Computer Engineering Department had the highest rate of student participation among the departments. CPE had 15 scientific projects out of only 23 students. All students worked hard within the week before the university day event and they prepared very well with 15 different projects.