Meeting and awarded students

On March 15th, 2017 chairman and faculty members in computer engineering department met with students , During meeting they  discussed future activities and some issues in the department . In addition, the  Department has awarded  Nur Mahdi, Khalid Abdulwahab, and Vania Kamal as top three students that they got highest GPA in Fall 2016 semester. After the event all students has been invited to lunch.

Department of Computer Engineering supports student efforts to take the lead in shaping the ethics, knowledge, skills and living environment at komar university of Science and Technology.

Nur Mahdi as a first ran student in Fall 2016 said: “Participating in these kind of events will give us more information about our department, courses and curriculum, also students are encouraged and motivated to study hard , In addition it shows us the importance of GPA”

Vania Kamal as a third Rank student said: ” It was a really useful and successful event that help students to clearly understand their department’s flowchart and chairman’s plan for left semesters also discussing their problems, ideas and suggestions with chairman and instructors, in addition it was encouraging students to get interest for their major and trying to develop it. So I could say that this kind of event is necessary for all departments at least once at a semester for making our university more professional.”

Also Dr. Kawa VP for Admin talked to students and he explains some issues related to departments.