Competition between Civil Engineering and Computer Engineering

On December 6, 2016, a competition was held between students from the Department of Civil Engineering and students from the Department of Computer Engineering as part of the constantly ongoing entertainment activities at KUST. Five students from each department triggered the event by asking such questions as Zhiran Taha, Ayub Qadir, Soma Jaza, Evan Arsalan and Basak Mohammed from civil engineering as Rawezh Yasin, Wlyan Kamaran, Mohammed Ismail, Lawk Mohammed and Ahmed Hussein from Computer Engineering also asked theirs.  The competition commenced with a number of general questions on various disciplines including science, mathematics, space and Kurdistan.  Every participant who answered a question correctly earned 2 points.
The one-hour competition engaged 200 students from all departments.  The students said that they had great fun participating and that it was both an entertaining and an educating experience at the same time. The conclusion of the event met a big round of applause as the Civil Engineering students won the day with a total score of 21 points, leaving the Computer Engineering students one and a half points short of getting even.